Teaching Scales & Arpeggios (Intermediate and Advanced)

Learn the 4 common misconceptions that might be holding your students back and how you may address them.

Ory will walk you through the do’s and don’ts of teaching scales and arpeggios and how you can help students play them in a more efficient manner.

He will also address the following questions from the audience:

  1. The last note of staccato scale should be played with staccato or non-staccato? 
  2. Is it better to start with B major scale for beginner? (because of the shaping on the keyboard)
  3. To turn the thumb or not to turn when you teach lower grade students to play scale. 
  4. What are your thoughts on fingering for Arpeggios?
  5. Gilbert Kalish told me he never teaches exercises, all the technique he teaches come from the pieces themselves, do you agree?

Instructor: Ory Shihor

(Recorded in front of a live studio audience)