Ory Shihor Piano Pedagogy Training Course Reviews

“The OSI pedagogy courses have provided me with tools that have enabled me to construct individualized modules for my students based on the OSI curriculum. This has kept the direction of the lessons focused and organized while dealing with the challenges of distance learning.

The 4D objective evaluation standards have given parameters with which to direct both the technical and repertoire aspects of the instruction.

Ory’s IPDS model has brought efficiency and effectiveness to the learning process. I have found it helpful in my own practice for learning as well as retaining.

The interactive nature of the OSI courses with Ory and Maria gives it the feel of colleagues with a level playing field helping one another, which makes learning attractive and winsome. Maria and Ory make a great team in presenting the materials. Their passion and kindness are evident throughout our time together.”

— Carol Schindler, Piano Teacher; President of MTAC, Sonoma County Branch, California, US

“Through my one-on-one piano lessons with Ory, I have never felt so comfortable, fun, inspired, and improved as a pianist in my life. He knows exactly how to motivate students, and when, what, how much to give for the best improvement.

As a piano teacher myself, I learned a lot from his pedagogy method. I experimented with Ory’s principles from his pedagogy training program into my piano lessons and I could see a big difference in my students’ reactions and attitude! I am excited to learn much more from the upcoming 12-month OSI Piano Pedagogy Certificate Program!

— Mai Takeuchi, Piano Teacher, California, US

I've had the honor of being a part of his pedagogy intensives last year and absolutely loved them! I've not seen any program like this all these years. I enjoyed them so much that I signed up for the 12-month OSI Piano Pedagogy Certificate Program which begins in January.

From taking the previous pedagogy intensives, I have come away with more teaching ideas, ways to communicate with my students, and other ways of approaching particular pieces, amongst so many other benefits! There is a sense of community with the group of teachers that I'm a part of and it's informative, fun, interesting, and helpful.

It definitely is inspiring and I certainly look forward to each session. I really enjoy watching them live when I can, and would encourage anyone who is thinking about taking any of the OSI pedagogy programs to sign up immediately! You won't be disappointed!"

— Christine Branaum Brosius, Piano Teacher, California, US

“Thank you so much for such a fabulous Training and Coaching Program. Any teachers will be able to grow and enrich their teaching mastery by joining this program set in such a close, sharing, warm atmosphere”

— Michelle Santoso, Piano Teacher, California, US