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✔️ Navigating the LH crossovers in the 1st movement of the Pathetique sonata

✔️ The meaning behind the different tonalities in Schubert’s Impromptu Op. 90.1

✔️ The pedagogical meaning behind Debussy’s Dr. Gradus Ad Parnassum

✔️ Leaning seating position in Haydn sonata in D major Hob. 37

✔️ Creating a continuous line in the opening of the 3rd movement of #Beethoven’s Op. 109 sonata

✔️ Beethoven's 4 note obsession in the final bars of the 1st movement of the sonata Op. 10/3

✔️ Deciphering the opening of Chopin's ‘revolutionary’ etude, Op. 10/12

✔️ Sentimentality and tempo flexibility in Liszt Rhapsody No. 12 in C-sharp Minor


✔️ How to Introduce the Mozart K.545 Sonata to Intermediate Students

✔️ Mozart Fantasy in D minor from a Pedagogical Perspective

Ory's perspective on these frequently asked questions by piano teachers:

✔️ What is the effectiveness of asking students how much they’ve practiced?

✔️ How to keep (impatient) adults motivated and excited to improve?

✔️ How to deal with hands-off parents who rarely encourage their child to practice?

✔️ What are the potential upside and downside of students listening to recordings?

✔️ How to Grab Your Student's Attention While Teaching Online